CheatFreak47 Dot CF

Welcome to my projects page. Here you will find external links to all my various projects that aren't really mods of any kind. A bunch of stuff I've done, basically.

The Binding of Isaac Launcher Revamped SpiderRemix
A fork of ron's boi launcher that added additional buttons (kind of useless now becaue rebirth is 100x better)

Knytt Stories Launcher
A Fork of boi revanmped launcher, with heavy modification, made for users of Knytt Stories mods.

SimpleBound Launcher
There was a period where starbounds launcher was broken so I made a temporary launcher for it. Then, the thread got locked because some guy was being a lying jerk. Anyhow I don't know if this works for the current versions of starbound.

Jet Set Radio PC Savefix
A small file that I posted that fixes an issue in Jet Set Radio. Some people can't get the game to save, and this is supposed to correct the issue. It doesn't seem to 100% fix it for everyone but it's worth a look if you are having issues.

Official Looking 3DS Virtual Console Injections
A series of Virtual Console CIAs for the Nintendo 3DS that are typically of games that haven't been released on the eShop, with some exceptions. There's over 150 titles made over there. Of course, you require a 3DS with CFW to use them. I did some Game Gear Games, NES Games, and a lot of GBA Games. Feel free to check them out, but you'll need an account on the site to download them.

Terraria Complete Soundtrack
A custom re-tagging and rip of Terraria music. All songs up till the latest version have been accounted for unlike the official soundtracks, they're also all as lossless as possible.

Sonic Collections Soundtracks
A fresh rip of the music from Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, and Sonic Gems Collection.

The Sims 2 for Nintendo DS Original Soundtrack
A rip of the music for the Sims 2 for Nintendo DS, captured directly from a 3DS.